Otr Tire Recycling

Here at TireDisposal.com, we are able to process any size of OTR, aggregate, off road and oversized tires; no tire is too big for us to process! OTR tires are designed to be durable and indestructible. Transporting these tires can be problematic, which is why we are capable of processing oversized Tires/Off the Road Tires at either your location or our facility. We also offer the convenience of picking up and delivering these OTR tires to our closest processing center or we can perform OTR processing at your site.

We are open to commercial, agricultural, construction, the mining industry, and even tire shops that can’t handle oversized tires. We have the latest technology to shred and process OTR tires reliably. Our staff is experienced and specialized in the handling these large OTR and tire piles. Aside from processing OTR tires, we also process forklift, front end loader, farm tractor equipment, and mining truck tires.