tire recycling

No matter where you are, we are here to service your scrap tire and tire recycling needs.

When you sign the manifest releasing the scrap tires to us, the legal and responsibility of the tires carries over to us. With TireDisposal.com, the minute you release your tires to us, you are completely released of any legal liabilities involving the proper disposal of the tires. Why you ask? The reason for this is that not only are we the transporter, but we have a special agreement with the processor that handles our scrap tires.

Did you know?

If you were to hire a tire transporter and they fail to dispose of the tires in a proper and legal manner, you as the originator of the scrap tires can be held liable for their illegal activities. If these tires were illegally dumped instead of taking them to a certified processor, and the local authorities traced the tires back to your facility, you along with the transporter can be held liable for their actions. The penalty for illegal tire dumping is subjected to a fine and/or imprisonment.

What TireDisposal.com offers:

  • The peace of mind in knowing that the tires are legally being disposed of.
  • Protection from any potential future disposal liabilities with your scrap tires.
  • Satisfaction in knowing that the scrap tires are going to a beneficial use or a state approved method of disposal.
  • Fast, courteous, and affordable tire disposal services that put our customers’ needs first.
  • TireDisposal.com has the ability to handle a tire removal job of any size, despite the location. With our fleet of trucks and multiple locations we can pick up your scrap tires throughout the state. We are able to provide a timely, reliable, and affordable tire removal service that allows you to focus on your business and customers.

    An ongoing problem with scrap tires amongst communities:

    Scrap tire management has become an important debate due to the rise of illegal dumping. A 1991 study revealed that in the state of Texas alone, more than 150-million tires were illegally dumped. Failure to properly dispose of scrap tires is a serious problem for the environment, and the consequences of ignoring this problem will only escalate should that path continue to be followed. Improperly managed stockpiles of scrap tires can pose as a serious fire threat and excess scrap tires occupy valuable space in landfills and dumpsites.

    A solution to the growing surplus of scrap tires:

    Scrap tires can be a valuable commodity. Scrap tires can be properly recycled and by doing so they create beneficial bi-products. Recycling scrap tires also helps reduce illegal tire dumping while diverting tires that would take up excess space in landfill dumps. Recycled scrap tires can be used as:

  • Landscape Mulch
  • Residential and commercial playground surfaces
  • TDF (Tire Derived Fuel)
  • Industrial uses (mats, insulation)
  • Road building material, Rubber Modified Asphalt use to fill in roads.
  • Reused to make new tires
  • Engineer applications such as used in drainage material and/or retaining wall fill.
  • A technique which reprocesses scrap tires into fuel gas, oils and low grade carbon black.
  • And many other uses.