Tire Pile Cleanup

The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) estimates that 275 million tires are stockpiled--many of them illegally--across the United States and that 290 million new scrap tires are generated each year. That's one new tire for every individual citizen of the United States each year. Delaware for example, produces over 750,000 scrap tires a year.

Scrap tires get disposed of for several reasons such as: there is little to no enforcement of anti-littering and anti-dumping laws, and there are no easy alternative to dispose of scrap tires. Because of this, most tires are illegally dumped. Since tires were originally created to withstand years of abuse, they do not easily decompose; most tires that are created will be able to last for the next 100,000 years. We have the necessary tools and facilities to remove these scrap tires from occupying valuable space in landfills.

Creating long-term sustainable uses for scrap tires can help local governments solve illegal tire dumping issues while preventing tire fires and the spread of diseases which proliferate from mosquitoes and rats—and also provides a habitat for snakes which flourish in tire dumps.

Scrap tire fires are difficult to extinguish and produce heavy smoke and contaminate the soil with oil residue. These scrap tire fires can be started by accident or arson and can take an extended period of time to extinguish.

Illegal tire dumps also can cause chemical runoffs into nearby ground water, thereby contaminating ground water. Tires contain sulfur, zinc oxide, iron, and oil amongst other contaminants.

We have the knowledge, personnel and equipment necessary to complete tire stockpile cleanups from a few hundred to several million tires. Utilizing cutting edge mobile shredding operations and our own fleet of truck, trailers, excavators, material handlers and mobile shredding equipment, we can process used and scrap tires to our customers’ specifications. Reusing or recycling scrap tires helps keeps the tires out of landfills and trash dumps. TireDisposal.com is here to take care of your tire pile clean up needs.